Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saints Row 2

After being a big fan of the Grand theft auto series and just have boughten the newest one (GTA4) I found it to be really.... Boring.... My friend had just went down the the local game store and got sants row 2 and was raving about how it was a million times more fun than gta. I wanted to see what it was all about so I went out and got it.  Let say it's well worth it. With rifles, pistols, shotguns, pimpcane shot guns, giant middle fingers, tazers, or rpg's. The cars are as different as the guns. Trucks, sedans, cars, firetrucks, cop cars, monster trucks, bikes, airplanes, helicopters and all you can take to the garage to give them your own rims or paint jobs. Why not add giant spikes to the tires or add some nitrous while your at it? Go around town and pick up any object you can lift. Get into fights with pimps, hobos, or gangs.

You can customize your player from head to toe. any feature you wants. The clothes are in the 100's. With bling, hot dog suits, it has it all. You start off in jail and break out after being in a coma. Then you rebuild your gang The saints with the help of friends you rescue. Grab a  friend to help you or find a random player online. It also sports mini games online such as cat and mouse and just all out killing. If you get a friend or two to buy this game with you, it makes the game one hundred times better.


  1. i didn't even finish the single player on GTAIV from the boredom

  2. I never played saint row before I might tr yout part 3 though