Sunday, September 5, 2010

Left for Dead 2

Do you love killing zombies? Of course you do. Want to kill endless hordes of zombies and special infected? Then this game is for you. You have a choice of the four survivors. Coach a large buff black man and somewhat leader (his friends call him that), Rochelle a black woman (smaller and less of a target), Nick a con man in a white suit, or Ellis who is a southern hick (my favorite with his random stories).

 The story is based in Louisiana in different levels. You and your team try to  get to the different safe houses based throughout the level filled with guns and ammo. Each gun has two types. One with more power and the other with another bonus such as large clip or faster fire rate. Assault rifles, shotguns, pistols (dual wielding also), snipers, many weapons such as swords or frying pans, and  thrown items like gas cans that spread fire when shot or puke that makes zombies attack whatever it lands on. Why not stick yourself with a adrenaline needle or down a bottle of pills to help? Also! Watch out for the witch or tank. (I'll let you be surprised at what they do)

Special infected are zombies, but with a certain characteristic that makes them more deadly. Boomer attracts zombies on whatever it throws up, charger (what else) chargers at you and slams you into the floor until it dies, spitter pukes acids which does massive amounts of damage, jokey which lets the infected play control the other player sending him into harms way, and the smoker with wraps it's tongue around plays dangling them helplessly. In online play you either fight the other team to finish with the best time as humans or special infected. In the scavenger gametype you try to collect gas cans while the other team (special infected) try to stop you. In you dont like playing with random people online, Get a friend (or 4) and play co-op campaign, which me and my friends always end up doing. Game has amazing replay value if you love bashing the brains out of zombies with guitars and baseball bats. A must buy in my book.

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  1. havent play 2 but 1 was fun for a short while, got boring pretty fast.