Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bored? No cash? Flash Games!

Everyonce in a while I get bored of the games I've been playing for months. The answer? Flash games. Many online sites have them all for free and some very entertaining. If you haven't stumbled upon some by randomly clicking on ads on the side because you were curious then you better check them out now! Some good sites!

  • Addicting Games
  • Stick page
  • Armour Games
Be wary of some sites though! If they seem to cheap and are full to the brim with ads, then you would probably be better off with safe ones. Never want a virus from some crappy site! Check out newgrounds also if you haven't heard of it.


  1. you could've post those as links and add kongregate to the list.. thanks for sharing though..

  2. The world of goo was a great game, but I never beat it.

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