Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monday night combat!!!

Pretty much TF2, but combined with football type jokes and crazy gameplay. I bought it for the 360 with mircosoft points. shortly after starting to play you start loving it. Shooting mascots for money, bombs, giant balls of money, mini guns, and traps. With all the 6 types of players you can be with all the upgrades it makes this game fun to play.
The online type is a 6 vs. 6 gametype that is fast paced. Your team is joined in by bots and turrets as you try to defend your giant ball of money in the middle of your base, while trying to destroy the enemies. All in all, an amazing buy. If you like online or wave based solo. You'll definetly love this game.  

I love a game with zombies in it!!!! yeah yeah yeah...

Got some xbox 360 microsoft points. Had some left over after buying MNC. Since indie games were only a dollar I decided to check it out. Amazing game. Up to 4 player (not online) Great if your bored or have some friends over and want to kill hordes of things. Game has around 10 weapons. Really changes up the game. Limited ammo. Power ups such as invincible, speed, or extra life help you throughout the game. Running and gunning a way around the map was my best method. Loved the game. Well worth the buy.

Fallout 3

One of thee best single player games I have played. I have +3 characters with all +90 hours on each. Many mods for the pc. Great weapons. HUGE HUGE map. Dont like the metros. But overall. Great game. (lots of easter eggs and hidden items) I collected many things for my house. Teddy bears and gnomes. I'm proud of the large army i have within my house.


Probably one of my favorite games. I loved it. Good replay value. Loved the 1000's of guns it made the game really interesting.