Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bored? No cash? Flash Games!

Everyonce in a while I get bored of the games I've been playing for months. The answer? Flash games. Many online sites have them all for free and some very entertaining. If you haven't stumbled upon some by randomly clicking on ads on the side because you were curious then you better check them out now! Some good sites!

  • Addicting Games
  • Stick page
  • Armour Games
Be wary of some sites though! If they seem to cheap and are full to the brim with ads, then you would probably be better off with safe ones. Never want a virus from some crappy site! Check out newgrounds also if you haven't heard of it.

Left for Dead 2

Do you love killing zombies? Of course you do. Want to kill endless hordes of zombies and special infected? Then this game is for you. You have a choice of the four survivors. Coach a large buff black man and somewhat leader (his friends call him that), Rochelle a black woman (smaller and less of a target), Nick a con man in a white suit, or Ellis who is a southern hick (my favorite with his random stories).

 The story is based in Louisiana in different levels. You and your team try to  get to the different safe houses based throughout the level filled with guns and ammo. Each gun has two types. One with more power and the other with another bonus such as large clip or faster fire rate. Assault rifles, shotguns, pistols (dual wielding also), snipers, many weapons such as swords or frying pans, and  thrown items like gas cans that spread fire when shot or puke that makes zombies attack whatever it lands on. Why not stick yourself with a adrenaline needle or down a bottle of pills to help? Also! Watch out for the witch or tank. (I'll let you be surprised at what they do)

Special infected are zombies, but with a certain characteristic that makes them more deadly. Boomer attracts zombies on whatever it throws up, charger (what else) chargers at you and slams you into the floor until it dies, spitter pukes acids which does massive amounts of damage, jokey which lets the infected play control the other player sending him into harms way, and the smoker with wraps it's tongue around plays dangling them helplessly. In online play you either fight the other team to finish with the best time as humans or special infected. In the scavenger gametype you try to collect gas cans while the other team (special infected) try to stop you. In you dont like playing with random people online, Get a friend (or 4) and play co-op campaign, which me and my friends always end up doing. Game has amazing replay value if you love bashing the brains out of zombies with guitars and baseball bats. A must buy in my book.

Saints Row 2

After being a big fan of the Grand theft auto series and just have boughten the newest one (GTA4) I found it to be really.... Boring.... My friend had just went down the the local game store and got sants row 2 and was raving about how it was a million times more fun than gta. I wanted to see what it was all about so I went out and got it.  Let say it's well worth it. With rifles, pistols, shotguns, pimpcane shot guns, giant middle fingers, tazers, or rpg's. The cars are as different as the guns. Trucks, sedans, cars, firetrucks, cop cars, monster trucks, bikes, airplanes, helicopters and all you can take to the garage to give them your own rims or paint jobs. Why not add giant spikes to the tires or add some nitrous while your at it? Go around town and pick up any object you can lift. Get into fights with pimps, hobos, or gangs.

You can customize your player from head to toe. any feature you wants. The clothes are in the 100's. With bling, hot dog suits, it has it all. You start off in jail and break out after being in a coma. Then you rebuild your gang The saints with the help of friends you rescue. Grab a  friend to help you or find a random player online. It also sports mini games online such as cat and mouse and just all out killing. If you get a friend or two to buy this game with you, it makes the game one hundred times better.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halo Wars

Fan of the halo series but loved games like age of mythology or age of empires? Then this game is for you. This game takes place before the halo series. In the game you command a force of up to 40 or 50 units. With tanks, warthogs, banshees, elephants, soldiers, and special leader powers. It makes the game very changeable.

 Multiplayer with you can in do private matches that will have you screaming your lungs out as you mow down your friends whole army or watching your last base get cluster **** by an army and two scarabs. With over 10 maps for 1v1 2v2 or 3v3. You get special leader powers which can go from mac blasts that rain down from space, your own covenant super leader with it's own power, or freezing enemies out of the sky, these moves can easily change the outcome of a game.

Online play, you are paired up with random people across the world. Set up your head set if you aren't playing with friends because team work is a key factor. Online is more fast paced with un-upgraded unit  and leader rushes that usually end the game before 15 minutes. If you've beat campaign and are somewhat experienced with the game it's a fun challenge to go head to head with actual people. An amazing buy if you love strategy type game play or if your a die hard fan of the halo series.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monday night combat!!!

Pretty much TF2, but combined with football type jokes and crazy gameplay. I bought it for the 360 with mircosoft points. shortly after starting to play you start loving it. Shooting mascots for money, bombs, giant balls of money, mini guns, and traps. With all the 6 types of players you can be with all the upgrades it makes this game fun to play.
The online type is a 6 vs. 6 gametype that is fast paced. Your team is joined in by bots and turrets as you try to defend your giant ball of money in the middle of your base, while trying to destroy the enemies. All in all, an amazing buy. If you like online or wave based solo. You'll definetly love this game.  

I love a game with zombies in it!!!! yeah yeah yeah...

Got some xbox 360 microsoft points. Had some left over after buying MNC. Since indie games were only a dollar I decided to check it out. Amazing game. Up to 4 player (not online) Great if your bored or have some friends over and want to kill hordes of things. Game has around 10 weapons. Really changes up the game. Limited ammo. Power ups such as invincible, speed, or extra life help you throughout the game. Running and gunning a way around the map was my best method. Loved the game. Well worth the buy.

Fallout 3

One of thee best single player games I have played. I have +3 characters with all +90 hours on each. Many mods for the pc. Great weapons. HUGE HUGE map. Dont like the metros. But overall. Great game. (lots of easter eggs and hidden items) I collected many things for my house. Teddy bears and gnomes. I'm proud of the large army i have within my house.